How to install Lonseal marine vinyl

by Jerry Tatton June 29, 2016

How to install Lonseal marine vinyl

How to install Lonseal marine vinyl.

The first step is to figure out how much material you will need.

Keep in mind that marine vinyl comes on a roll that is 6 ft. wide.

Add up all of the pieces you will need to find out the total length you will need on a 6 ft. roll. If you need 5 linear ft. you would be getting a 6' x 5' or 30 sq  ft. (length x width to achieve sq ft)

Confirm whether or not you will need any trim pieces where the material meets a hatch etc. This is a thin piece of plastic shaped like a L that gets glued down to the vertical edge of the deck after the installation and the lip covers the vinyl. It comes in 6 ft. lengths and can be made to curve with heat applied from a heat gun.

Prepare the substrate, if needed, to assure smoothness and other qualities needed. You can find out exact ways to prepare your substrate by copying and pasting this link: has all of the technical material regarding installation, prep, warranty, etc. for you to download and become familiar with.

After your material arrives, you should open the roll and leave it where the material will be installed for  48 hours for it to acclimate. this will keep if from shrinking and expanding. 

Creating a template is an easy way to get your pieces cut correctly.

We like to use brown paper that you can purchase at your local store such as Home Depot or Lowes. You can find it in the paint dept., it comes in a roll that is usually 35 inches by 140 ft. for about 12 dollars. by tracing out the pieces on the paper you can easily transfer that directly onto the marine vinyl to follow with your standard razor knife. Here is the link for the paper:

Lay your template onto the vinyl, trace with a pencil and cut out each piece using a razor knife or large scissors.

Lay out all of your pieces to confirm correctness.

Follow the guide from Lonseal for perfection, basically you will clean your perfectly smooth substrate before applying adhesive. After that is done, mix  the epoxy according to the instructions and proceed to glue down your vinyl.

You will apply the adhesive to the floor by using the specified trowel, 1/16" x 1/32" x 1/32" Home Depot sells this trowel but you have to order it online and have it delivered to you local store to pick up. the link for that item is here:

Roll as specified and keep an eye on it for  few hours to continue to roll out any bubbles that will occur due to the off gassing. Here is the link for the roller:

Basically that's it! For all of the exact details on the process make sure to go to the Lonseal link above. 

Jerry Tatton
Jerry Tatton