Lonseal - Lon Petite, Prussian Sky

A twist on Lonseal's coin-stamped products and our newest aviation offering: Lonpetite, featuring a matte surface with lighter embossing and smaller patterning for greater subtlety and a more contemporary elegance.


Lonpetite is part of Lonseal's Featherweight™ Collection which feature products of sturdy three-layer construction with excellent slip resistance, sound absorption and dimensional stability properties. The Featherweight™ line is 30% lighter than standard NTF flooring and features both our GreenMedic® formulation for improved anti-microbial properties and GreenAir® specialty formulation for improved cabin air quality.

This product come on a roll 8ft wide and is sold by the lineal ft. Each lineal ft is the equivalent of 8 sq. ft. making the price $6.72 a sq. ft.

Size Guide

Type: Lonseal

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