Lonseal Teak and Holly

Lonseals Lonwood Teak and Holly marine vinyl is one of the best vinyl boat flooring available. A great choice for boaters wanting an easy to maintain, elegant marine vinyl.

It comes in either a matte, top seal or gloss finish. 

The matte finish is for interior-exterior use.

Topseal is for interior use and is usually select for high commercial use, it has an additional layer of urethane added to it.

The gloss finish is for interior use. 

Most of our customers go with the Matte finish.

It is sold by the linear ft. and comes on a 6 ft. wide roll. The minimum order is three linear ft. 

*each lineal ft is a 1' x 6' and is the equivalent of 6 sq. ft. 

Size Guide

Type: Lonseal


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