Lonseal - Lon Petite, China Blue

Please note: Becuase this product is 8 ft wide, it has to be shipped on a freight truck. We are not able to calculate the freight cost to your location unless you send us an email with how much product you are considering and what your address is. After we receive your request we will be able to respond to let you know the actual cost of the shipping. If you place an order without contacting us first we will email you to let you know the additional cost. You may elect to cancel your order for a full refund at that time.


A twist on Lonseal's coin-stamped products and our newest aviation offering: Lonpetite, featuring a matte surface with lighter embossing and smaller patterning for greater subtlety and a more contemporary elegance.


Lonpetite is part of Lonseal's Featherweight™ Collection which feature products of sturdy three-layer construction with excellent slip resistance, sound absorption and dimensional stability properties. The Featherweight™ line is 30% lighter than standard NTF flooring and features both our GreenMedic® formulation for improved anti-microbial properties and GreenAir® specialty formulation for improved cabin air quality.

This product come on a roll 8ft wide and is sold by the lineal ft. Each lineal ft is the equivalent of 8 sq. ft. making the price $6.72 a sq. ft.

Type: Lonseal