Template Kit

This professional template kit consists of everything needed to create a template for each area of your project. (except for scissors)

Included in the kit are a fine tip permanent marker and the professional grade mylar. Mylar is a clear sheet that will not shrink or expand and cannot be damaged by water. It can be folded or rolled up for shipping. It comes in a four ft wide roll. It is shipped in a tube that you may use to ship to us if we are going to fabricate your mats for you.

The entire purchase of the template kit is refunded on your order for custom fabricated Dek-King mats.

It is a good idea to get a kit that contains about 15% more sq ft of mylar than the deck to be covered for waste.

Small contains 4 x 8  (32 sq ft)

Medium contains 4 x 16 (64 sq ft)

Large contains  4 x 40 9 (160 sq ft)

Extra large contains 4 x 50 (200 sq ft)

Double extra large  4 x 60 ( 240 sq. ft. )

Type: Tools