WDK-100 2 inch wide single plank

Do you need your planks to curve on a swept deck or on the bow of the boat? WDK-100 is the right product to use for curves or straight lines. This versatile product can curve simply by putting it into the direct sunlight or by waving a heat gun over it. Heat will make it very supple and able to curve just like you want it to. 

It is 2 inches wide and come in a roll that is 10 meters long ( about 32 ft. 8" long ) six lineal ft of this product equals one sq ft.

It is a tongue and groove product that is assembled by applying glue to both sides of the tongue and slipping it into the groove of the other piece it is connecting to.

If you are not needing your planks to curve it is easier to stick with using the WDK-108, which is the 6 inch wide, three plank material.

*Sold by the lineal ft.  ( 6 lineal ft is the equivalent of 1 sq. ft )

Type: Dek-King