WDK-107 Caulking strip

WDK-107 is caulking strip that is used where ever you join two pieces together that don't have a caulk line already attached to the product. This is mostly where margins connect with each other, mitered corners, and any hand cut curved margin sections created from the solid colored material, WDK-112.

This is attached using the Stelmax adhesive. We suggest applying the Stelmax  to both the WDK-107 caulking strip and the edge of the material for a great bond.

It is a good idea to figure out how the total length that you will need and add about 10% to that figure. When applying it to mitered corners you will need to have a little extra length at both ends for it to work best. To see a video of it being cut and applied, cut and paste this into youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ggh4t3oS0z4

This product is sold by the lineal ft. and comes in black or cream color to match the grout lines of the product you chose.

Type: Dek-King