WDK-108 Six inch wide- three plank

WDK-108 is available to make your decking project go much faster. This product is six inches wide and come in a roll that is 10 meters long ( about 32 ft. 8" ). It has three planks and caulk lines and uses the tongue and groove system.

WDK-108 is designed to be used in areas where you want the caulk lines and planks to remain straight.

You can use WDK-108 as the only product for your decking project if you don't want any margins/borders. 

All of the products can be hand beveled with 40 grit sandpaper to give the outside edge the finished, beveled look. It is recommended that all outside edges that are to be seen should have a small bead of caulking applied to them for a more finished look.

The best way to calculate how much you need is to measure the outside edges of your project area and add approx. 5 to 10% for overage, mistakes, and odd angle cuts. For example, a 5 ft x 10 ft area is 50 sq. ft. Adding 5% to that means you will order 55 sq ft. We would send you one full roll and however much else is needed to achieve the remainder needed.

You do not need to order by the roll, you can purchase the lineal ft. needed and we will cut as needed.

* Sold by the lineal ft.  ( 2 lineal ft is the equivalent of 1 sq. ft. ) 

Type: Dek-King