WDK-112 King plank solid color

WDK-112 is the solid colored material that can be used several different ways. It is five inches wide and comes in a roll that is 10 meters long, ( about 32 ft. 8 inches ) One sq. ft. is 5 inches wide by 29 inches long. This product is easier to understand and calculate by going with the total amount of the length you need so we sell it by the lineal ft

It can be used as a king plank, ( this is where the left side of the deck meets the right side that are both curved and the WDK-112 is put down the middle to adjoin both sides together as done with real teak).

It can be used for borders/margins for straight pieces by cutting it to the size width you want for your custom installation.

It can be used for curved margins/borders. This is the only way to achieve a curved section of the margin. We have video that shows the process of cutting a curved margin that you can copy and paste: www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJuXCi65Ld0

* Sold by the lineal ft.


Type: Dek-King