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Londante Topseal

Featuring one of the warmest yet boldest palettes that Lonseal has ever offered, Londante is a resilient sheet vinyl that comes in seven intriguing colors and features a hypnotic cross-hatch pattern that imparts a distinctly Italian flavor to any interior space, from corporate offices to hospitality spaces to healthcare patient rooms.

Londante's delicately-etched lines suggest intricate marble and stone textures, and its saturated colors range from the plush leafy tones of Verde to the inviting froth of Latte to the ocean-horizon blue of Celeste. All of Londantes colors stand strikingly on their own but also compliment a wide array of wood looks and solids.

Londante also features Lonseal's exclusive Topsealformulation, a factory-applied urethane finish that protects the floor and simplifies routine maintenance.

This product comes on a roll that is 6 ft wide and is sold by the lineal ft. Each lineal ft is the equivalent of 6 sq. ft making the price $6.42 per sq. ft.

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